In our clinic, you can replace your lost teeth by implantation!

The result of our work is the quality of your life and the beauty of your smile, so we use the latest high-quality materials and carefully prepare for every implantation procedure.
This approach allows us to do the implantation of one or more teeth quickly, painlessly and without complications.

The implants we place heal really quickly and look as your own teeth.

Dental prosthetics involves placing of an artificial (titanium) root-implant. After a certain period of time, the implant is loaded with a prosthesis (crown). Implantation is performed in several stages. This is because you need a certain time for integration (healing).
In case of insufficient bone volume in the area of implantation, bone grafting is performed.
All these are surgical interventions, but most of them can qualify as microsurgery, since the way they are performed is minimally invasive.

In each case, the cost of the procedure is calculated individually during the consultation with the doctor.

  • The cost of implantation depends on many factors:
  • type of implantation – single-stage or classic;
  • need for additional examination and treatment;
  • the condition of the bone at the site of the implant placement (whether sinus lift is necessary);
  • the need for a temporary crown for the period of implant healing, etc.