Prevention is much more pleasant and effective than treatment.

Regular visits to the dentist make it possible to get rid of tartar and plaque in time, have a beautiful and healthy smile and give a sense of freshness and purity.

Even if you brush your teeth in the morning and evening, they develop plaque that can only be removed by professional cleaning with special solutions.

Professional hygiene is part of the prevention of diseases of the periodontal membrane.

Any dental intervention begins with hygiene, because cleaning significantly reduces the number of pathogens in the oral cavity.

In the "Avers-Art" dental clinic, professional dental cleaning is performed in several stages:

  1. Ultrasound removes solid deposits.
  2. Soft plaque, smoker's plaque and food colorings are removed by air-abrasive treatment with KaVo's Prophyflex device with calcium carbonate powder (ProphyPEARLS). The particles of prophyflex wirkung powder have a sphere shape and a porous structure: when they touch the surface of the tooth, they create a "snowball" effect. This effectively removes plaque and does not injure the tooth enamel.
  3. We polish your teeth with a low-abrasive fluoride paste. At this stage, teeth acquire a natural color and become whiter.
  4. Finally, our doctors apply a gel against tooth sensitivity and caries.
  5. The last stage is a hygiene lesson. Our dentists will teach you how to properly brush your teeth, choose the hygiene products you need, recommend toothpastes and the best toothbrush for you.

Why do you need professional dental cleaning?

This procedure allows you to:

  • Completely remove dental deposits.
  • Improve the state of the gums.
  • Prevent the development of dental diseases.
  • Lighten the teeth by 1-2 tones and remove the spots along with plaque, that is, it is also an additional cosmetic brushing of the teeth.

Advantages of professional cleaning:

  •  thorough cleaning;
  •  antimicrobial effect;
  •  preventing the formation of plaque;
  •  effect on the functional activity of salivary glands;
  •  effect on metabolic processes in the oral cavity;
  •  reducing inflammation.

The stages of professional cleaning of the oral cavity:

  •  Ultrasound cleaning (high frequency vibrations under water pressure, doctor removes tartar);
  •  Removing soft plaque with PROPHYpearls powder;
  •  Polishing (with a fluoride toothpaste);
  •  Hygiene lesson (doctor will tell you how to properly brush your teeth and give recommendations about hygiene products).

Do you prefer to prevent problems rather than solve them? Come to us regularly for professional hygiene, because prevention is always more pleasant and cheaper than treatment!